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Out for mangoes

I went out with family to visit my maternal home, naturally to do what everyone is doing this season, harvesting mangoes. And the annoying thing is that the ripe and sweet ones are up at the tippy top and the squirrels, bats and birds get to them first, while the unripe ones hang just within arms reachπŸ˜ͺ. Anyway I got some nice photos .

I never thought dew drops could be sticky. The things literally felt sticky gum and some were already solid. It was really weird but really beautiful.

I also found this little critter.

And this little fella

Found him somewhere around this coconut tree

And ended modeling for me for half an hour.

I made some really nice memories and got mango all over me😊. It was simply sweet. And this quirky little butterfly I’m nicknamed Flutter was when heck of a model. Always moving wherever it wanted and I had to be the one to follow. Now I truly understand the plight of butterfly catchers. Seriously these things move around so fast and try spotting them in greenery. You’d think it’d be easy with all their bright colours but it’s not!πŸ˜…It’s like the just disappear into thin air!πŸ˜‘ It is annoying! But they’re a pleasure to capture.😁

My Freedom Day :The war on Modern Day slavery

What does freedom mean?

Freedom means the right to say or do what you want without anyone stopping you. The state of not being a prisoner or slave.

– The Oxford Dictionary

Many think slavery was over and done with, a thing of the past but the truth is that slavery is far from over and far from being a thing of the past. Over 30 million people live in slavery in the 21st century. Some of them don’t even know that they are slaves, they think they are working for an honest wage whereas the real truth is that they are being taken advantage of. Some fall prey because of desperation, no money, no food and no way to look after their families, some are taken from their families from their families under false promises of education and a better life, some are actually sold into the business by their own friends and families. These disgusting people who prey on the desperation and the greed of others gain up to $99 Billion dollars! For trafficking people, making them work to richen their pockets. These people take people from their homes and families, bring them to foreign lands and make them work under horrible conditions for a number of illegal businesses and the most disgusting thing is the business doesn’t have to be illegal, such as building houses, making bricks, constructing roads and even fishing! It could be a private business or it could be Government empowered. And things that encourage the trade are not only desperation and greed, is the need for more labour for the labour force, let’s face it, most times we don’t know where our food, accessories etc come from, much less who makes them and we basically don’t care why. More than a Million underpaid or none paid workers make several of these common things in terrible working conditions, not enough food, little rest and even smaller breaks and are only told to work faster and do it better. That’s the truth and it’s despicable, and they can’t complain because they don’t have any other option. Racism is another reason, just because some people aren’t the same colour or from the same standing as you doesn’t make them less human. We all live on the same earth, we breathe the same air for goodness sake! We will all die one day, no matter how well known you are, how powerful or educated , we’ll all still be left beneath the ground we walk on! This something every single person has to understand. No one is higher than the other since we will all end the same way! It doesn’t matter if this person is different from your tribe, your culture, your colour or the way they do things. The people that have been exploited because of this reason are Africans, Asians and people of South America. Corruption. Here is were we see the Lazy diabolical bums who cause so many people to suffer, thanks to their illegal businesses they’ve got enough money to bribe several government officials and even people from the military. They give huge ginormous tons of cash for these guys to turn a blind eye and that worsens a country’s look internationally while the fat get fatter and the thin get thinner, while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, all the while they keep playing the officials, who play the people and the Creeps end up controlling the country, all to get a fatter check than the fat one they already have!

Young men and women even chlidren are trafficked across the world for forced labour, sex working and even organ harvesting! Many are brought into the business continually, if the cops bust one up another immediately pops out of no where to replace it. People give up sometimes saying there’s nothing they can do, that it’s none of their concern, they don’t care. It’s words, thoughts and mindsets like this that make modern day slavery a growing problem, making the lives of other people hell and helping criminals take hold of government from right under our noses. The truth is slavery can come upon maybe not you or your family but on an entire country, a nation and that affects each and every single person whether involved or not. These poor people are put under the stress of doing their ” jobs” right and doing it better or getting a bullet through their heads or coming to a horrifying end. They are put in emotional, mental and physical trauma that they can never forget. People who have been turned into working slaves are ashamed of themselves, they can’t share most normal things with people, hiding their marks of slavery and hardships but can still remember their freedom and even have just a little hope even if it’s just the size of a grain of sand. A grain of sand alone might be useless and insignificant but it takes every little insignificant grain to make a desert. But what of those born into slavery, little children, teenagers and young adults who have grown up in this world where there is little love and only back breaking work and suffering. Think about what they must be going through, imagine a five year old not knowing or being shown love or compassion. They grow up with the thought that they are insignificant, that they are no different than objects owned by their masters. They don’t have any other life, they think they don’t have any purpose but to used and used over again. To think about it is incredibly heartbreaking, to look at it is even worse. You see them from pictures and videos yet you can’t help them at that moment, because at the moment you those videos and photos you were busy doing something else, having what they need and they don’t. Sometimes when I see these things I feel like jumping through the screen and helping all their troubles….but that’s impossible isn’t it and even if I could I can’t end their troubles alone, people need to help. No one can do it alone and they can’t do it alone. The worst part is when they finally do get free and want to enter society they are shunned because of where they come from, where they’ve been and only wanted as example and no one really asks them how they feel about coming out like that.

This exact thing reminds me of a movie I watched last month. It was an animated movie about the life of a man named Bilal. He and his family were free once, slavers killed his mother when he was young and took him and his his sister away to a different part of the world (Africa – Mediterranean) and there they worked as Slaves to a man named Umaya . One day a man began speaking to him about freedom and the belief of one God. One who didn’t believe in slavery. He didn’t believe the man at first but then he started to and stood up for equality, he was imprisoned by Umaya but the man who initially spoke to him about freedom bought him from Umaya and gave Bilal his freedom but wasn’t allowed to buy Bilal’s sister. And so it was that Bilal became a Freeman and started fighting for freedom. The story of Bilal is a true one, one rooted in history of Islam. Bilal was the first man to call for prayer. The movie really moved me and I’m sure you’ll be moved too but don’t take my word for it . You’ll have to watch it yourselves. Here’s how it looks like. Starring Adewale Akinnuoye, Ian McShane and China Anne McClain.

My freedom day is on the 14th of March, here’s what you can do to help with getting freedom for those who don’t have it. If you’re a blogger like me write a post concerning slavery and freedom and use the hashtag #wordsformyfreedomday #wordsformyfreedom and share on Instagram and twitter and any social media outlet.p


OK everyone knows Africa is a continent of colour, many great civilizations have come from it and many things have been said about it. So why is it that Egyptians were thought to be white?

Answer to Why do people think Ancient Egypt was not a black civilisation when DNA evidence of Rameses III suggests otherwise? by Olivia July

Valentine’s day


h Valentine’s day, a day of love , a wonderful day to tell that special someone just how you feel or not , or just to hook up with someone for the night. It’s called Lovers day, for couples whether married or dating but what of the single guys. How do they spend Valentine’s day? Well most just go celebrate on their own or with family, go seeking for thrills and such just to get that feeling of love from a friend, family member or a complete stranger. But love isn’t only about what you get from someone else , you give back whether it’s the feeling or a little gift. There are many things and people we love in life and even hate but Love comes with Loss, you can’t have one without the other because they simply can’t be without the other. It’s a package deal.

Love doesn’t just mean having the same feelings towards each other , ones that we reciprocate , to love also means to cherish,to look after, to put that person first , to hold that person close, to push that person away, to know when to hold fast and it also means to know when you have to let go. See completely different things. Love is beautiful, wonderful, it shines with brilliance but sometimes it’s ugly , horrible and dull. Sometimes love brings happiness and joy,to gain, sometimes it brings sadness and grief, to lose. It brings smiles and laughter, it brings tears and crying. Love at times makes you feel on top of the world other times it makes you feel like hell, makes you feel like the worst thing in the world.

A heart is easy to gain and easy to break. Love is a relationship that can happen between two people, between people and something else, like a pet or something else entirely. This Valentine’s I went to the movies to watch How to Train your Dragon:The Hidden World and my expectations were completely blown away, the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless was beautiful from the first installment to the last one. I still can’t believe the franchise is over. Hiccup and Toothless’ relationship was based on mystery and fear, bravery, stubbornness, trust, insanity, love and stupidity. A beautiful chemistry .With lots of gains, Hiccup and Toothless both gained a companion like no other, they gained fame together, the gained things they thought were lost forever, gained freedom and gained love. And of course with Loss. Loss of a wing, loss of a leg, loss of a father and loss a friend. The that ng here is they both helped each other on their journey through life and taught each other something and when the time came they let each other go and lived their lives but still kept each other in their hearts. I seriously shed tears at how beautiful the story was , how two entirely different beings that hated each other for millennia came together through one act of absolute stupidity and sheer bravery and curiosity.

That should be what love is all about except for the losing body parts and free falling thing. What I’m just trying to say is that there are different types of love, love of all kinds but there are many ways they could go down but there’s only one way for true love. If it exists anyway.

Love has its own hardships, its own challenges, its puzzles, all you really have to do is endure, provide and sacrifice. Love helps someone in their journey through this world and it could possibly end it, whether for a great or stupid reason. Then again Love is two of those things.

Again Love comes with loss. To gain something you have to lose something. Love is putting someone both first and last, it is putting someone as your heart’s target ,to chase them and to leave them be, to hold them fast and to let go. Love is kind, yet cruel and wicked. Love means both peace and war . I means half becoming one.

It means becoming someone new but staying the same. It is a whole lot of complicated gibberish.

So how do you see Love . Tell me what you think in the comments. Feel free to like and share.


Changing Atmosphere

Has anyone seen real changes in our climate, months that are supposed to be dry are wet for long periods of time before reverting back but by then the wet months would’ve come round? Our world is really changing and in most part, for the worst. There’s drought and flood, Earthquakes ,etcetera . Plants and animals are dying because there’s nothing to eat, moving else where, changing the entire landscape, for example places that didn’t have Seals at all know have hundreds on the coast and bringing with them predators like Sharks and Killer whales. Thereby changing where they hunt, having an effect that could last a long time. A lifetime. Maybe a whole lot of lifetimes. Places that once had lots of water are dry, in drought and places that usually have less are having more than they’ve had in maybe a century, experiencing floods, landslides, mudslides. Destroying homes, farms, taking lives. And there’s not much we’re doing about. Aside from Disaster relief and plans to rebuild, start from the beginning, start somewhere new, we still do nothing about the major problem. Our world is changing because of us, because of our needs, because of what we do, the choices we make. Lotions, cosmetics, home appliances . We seem to need all these things we need factories to make. As the economy grows, expands, so does our industry. Making use of fossil fuels, releasing Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, in cities like New York where Eight million people live, work ,raise families, looking for their big breaks , You can’t see an Executive director in anything else but a luxury car, everyone needs transportation. Meaning more cars, cabs, all creating exhaust fumes, poisoning the city, increasing the heat, destroying the Ozone. Our Oceans are becoming dumps, polluting the waters, killing the Aquatic life and with the Ozone depleting, also killing coral and increasing the amount of bacteria in the seas and Oceans. And to think only five percent of it has been explored, the water levels rising because the ice in the Artic is melting.

In September, the Hamattan winds are supposed to be blowing hard, everyone covering from the bite of the wind, to keep themselves from drying out . But instead we’re covering ourselves from rain, by now the winds should be strong . We see the changes, feel them on our skin our internal clock telling us with memories when the weather changes. When things go off track. We Humans reach for the stars, to understand what we couldn’t understand before, but not fully understanding what we have and without knowing where you’ve been you lose your way. We need to understand our world, listen to it, feel it, to better understand. We plan for events of the distant future, but do not think much of today or tomorrow.

PS I’ll still complete the school environment.

The School Environment :Comparison

We all know how going to school is very important, learning and teaching is basically what you go to school for. You can learn to broaden your horizons, a chance to get creative and hone skills, to basically educate yourself. That however is for students, which we all are in a way ’cause you never stop learning and there’s the teachers who go to school to sit at a desk, look at homework, teach of course and to get their money at the end of the month. You’ll know both the student life and teacher’s life is difficult, although each side thinks the other has it better. The life of a teacher is much more than sitting on a desk and teaching, it’s also listening to every question you have whether if it’s a sensible one or an sensible one (well most of them) . It’s trying to show and teach discipline in either a room full of little kids, teenagers (which is hardest?) or adults. Trying to explain something and let the information sink in, carry everyone along and not compare two or more people to each other, one class to another and not one set to another! That really pisses me off and it’ll piss anyone off as well. So one was better than the other, you don’t start comparing those you teach, whether this person got more or that class got more, it’s not important, just look at the problem and try to find a positive way to fix it. Comparing one person to another brings out negative effects and no one will know how it affects both of them. It brings the opposite of the “results ” intended. If you compare to children saying β€œ you should be more like him/her ” the child if it’s a parent would think their mom/dad that like/love them how they are or who they are, lowering their self esteem, the child begins to hate everything about that person and will do what their parents want even if they hate what their doing, because if a child thinks their parent will love them more if they do something the parent likes they’ll be loved more. It’s common in all children, even teenagers and adults, making the decision their parent will like, in any area of learning whether it’s science, sports (what majority of parents go for) , law or politics etc. It’s not really good for children, sure a little competition is nice but you should never ever make them feel someone is better than them in any aspect because later they won’t be able to tell you how they really feel, much less the teachers (although some are close with their teachers). Comparison in a school environment is usually negative because it brings low self esteem and discouragement leaving room for bullying and other vices to come in. Some kids just don’t care or stop caring after a while . Teachers and parents might have good at heart but don’t really send the message across . You expect the kid to take it as you’ve given it but here’s a thought why don’t parents or teachers look at it from the kids point of view, because they know the reason but the child doesn’t ,look at it from their perspective, as if you were them. How would you feel if someone older did that to you? I doubt it would feel nice but most adults don’t look at it that way.

I’m going to be writing this in bits and pieces. Things that aren’t exactly right and make children feel inferior or superior to others when they should be. I know i am no psychologist but I’m just trying to get the word out.

πŸ™‡ Chelsea πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’•

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A very rainy day

The rain’s been coming down since this morning, making everything from the road to the leaves shiny, making everything and making everyone cold. I see people carrying umbrellas, trying to get on with the affairs they have for the day. It’s a relief when it ends, the sun’s warmth coming through the clouds, feeling it on my skin, the cold winds still blowing, contrasting the feeling of warmth with that of cold, a combination that could put anyone to sleep. The sun is here the rain and wind is gone but only for a short period of time, the rains will be back stronger than before.

The sun retreats once more, hiding behind the clouds that carry rain….. and the downpour begins. The winds howl and blow, announcing the rain and it follows soon after. A short time apart from each other. Two parties entering the same space. The rain began to fall, the wind blowing the rain against everything in sight. People running for shelter, those less prepared, those who hoped, many taking out their umbrellas, bringing a variety of tiny colours and designs in many different sizes, scurrying around like little ants .

The afternoon faded into evening and evening to night the rain raged on , sounds much more comfortable to stay inside where it’s warm and most importantly dry. But duties cannot be put off for too long, time comes and everything has to be completed at some point. After all there was no signal for TV or……. anything. I get my gear ready, warmer clothing, flip-flops , my trusty umbrella and tools of the trade – which is two Jerry cans for fuel and kerosene. – and i set off into the cold and wet world .- with a companion, of course. –

Outside the rain fell from the roof, more from the sky, waterfalls from the red roof falling to the ground, a river flowing through the compound. Dipping our feet into the water and making our way to the gate. Our journey beginning. Five minutes later, task one complete. Kerosene check. Now for the fuel. The road was wet and slippery made worse by wet flip-flops. Walking on the road, the street lights flickering, people still out. We passed restaurants, bars and street vendors making and selling roasted corn, coconuts and ube. The other side of the road was flooded , the water running on the road, falling in to the empty gutters, when things are dry, you can see the gutters further up filled with sand, blocking the gutter, letting the water run on the road, falling into the gutters further down.

On this side of the road, the water is running on the road but it’s better than the other side . We meet on old friend in the rain, her umbrella dripping water onto my leg but I don’t care, I haven’t seen her in a long time. We part ways after a short period, each of us going our separate ways to meet again later , but for now my concerns are on getting this task done and going back home. We arrive at the station, the water is raging her you can’t tell where the path is and where the gutter is. I decided to take a leap of faith but not my friend, she doesn’t like moving water. We waited for someone else to go and he survived, so we decided to take the plunge. The water pushed against our legs, i liked the rush but my friend didn’t, holding onto me, telling me to keep moving forward and keep my feet straight, telling me all the things that could go wrong.

We got it done anyway and started for home, stopping to buy some stuff on the way before going home. Warmth and dry clothes was all i wanted and something warm to eat. The rain still raged on in the night everywhere was cold, the blanket wasn’t enough, the warmth too little. Morning came along, a new day with new possibilities, no cloud in sight and the sun shone bright, it was beautiful, it was warm, curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. A beautiful start to a possible good day.

😚😚😚😚😘😘 Chelsea πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

National Women’s day

These sort of holidays are very important and much needed in every part of the world and in every aspect of culture and profession. Women need to be appreciated for what they do, no matter who they are or where they come from. The world really wouldn’t be how we know it without the female part of it. Women are very important in many ways.

Women are mothers, they take care of their children, of the future generation. They feed them, help them build emotions, teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. They make hard decisions, decisions that are for the better or sometimes worse. They help us make decisions that take us on different paths, paths that take us to our own lives. They are always there for us through thick and thin.

Women are sisters, whether by blood, culture, friendship and even profession. They help one another, they fight, they find out what the world has in store together. Sure sometimes there are sisters who are a total pain to deal with, those that are total idiots and those that are hard to deal with. All the same without them you wouldn’t feel comfortable or complete even though you get a little itty-bit of peace . You’re always gonna keep wondering if they’re OK until you see it for yourself. Except if they aren’t really worth it.

Women are hardworkers in every profession from childcare to CEO’s. We work hard to achieve the best in all we do, while working or in relationships. We are achievers, each and every one of us paves way for the new generation in every endeavour . From cooking ,writing, art and so on. We represent our feminism in what ever we do, in our clothes, makeup, perfume etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a girly girl (I’m not myself) .

Women are fighters, warriors in every aspect in work places, at home, in relationships, in the world. We stick up for what we know is right. We have patience that doesn’t mean any one can walk all over us. We have strength and courage to keep going on, to hope for a better tomorrow or better yet shape it. Today ,women are in positions of power, today women have rights, to have their voices heard and not be silent. Today we make differences. Today is ours and so is every other day, a day to be hopeful, to be who you are, to be woman.

We are everything from mothers to survivors, from workers to bosses, from simple to absolutely fabulous. We don’t take shit from nobody and no one should step all over us or get away with trampling our rights.

No matter where or who we are we know the hardships we face the struggles we go through and we are the only people who know how that feels. Every woman or girl out there there are always your girlfriends to help you. We can take care of ourselves when the going gets tough, no matter what anyone says or thinks. We know what to do when the going gets tough . We protect what we love with everything we’ve got.

So happy Women’s Day

Chelsea πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’

African treats :Termites

Everywhere you go during the rainy season, there’s wet dirt, mud, wet trees with wet leaves, wet grass , wet cars and wet roads and lots of wet wings. Yes wings, not bird wings or bat wings, I’m talking about insect wings…. termites wings to be exact. You know how termites fly away from their nest and swarm around light sources right? Well if you don’t, look it up. Termites do it every rainy season, it’s called the mating flight, that’s where they pair up and lose their wings and go create their own colony or something like that.  They say that when the rain falls the termites fall as well or something like that. I’m not here to talk about the life of termites, I’m here to talk about about food and if you guessed it’s about termites. Some may consider them pests, yes they can be pests .  Some may consider them disgusting, icky, pains in the neck (after all they do destroy wood like furniture for example or your trees), but just like bees they have a very delicious importance. I know most people reading this might think I’m psycho except those who know what I’m saying.                                              

There are many varieties of termites, the larvae kind ,the normal insect type which is my favorite. During the rainy season they come in swarms and usually near light sources. So what my mom used to do (when she was still a kid growing up with her siblings and her parents) was get a mat, a really big one and hang  a lantern over it and wait………. and they come, so many termites crowding the lantern, dropping to the mat after losing their wings and then the scooping beings , as the termites drop to the mat, everyone scooped them into a bucket or buckets as mom remembers. By morning the spare buckets were full with termites, that’s when grandma and grandpa made a wood fire, setting a big pot of oil on it (no one said that deliciousness came without caution. It’s like when your grilling or baking, you have to be cautious) , little by little grandpa and the biggest kids (There were nine kids ,so they were eleven altogether then) would gently scoop termites from the bucket and they’d go straight into pot of oil. Grandma would gently stir while they added the termites and drive them out into big basins and onto trays where they’d cool and the rest of the termites would be sealed until later. When they’d cooled down, they’d chop onions and peppers and garnish the termites. It’s delicious .πŸ˜†

So now we live in the city the termite treat doesn’t escape us, road side marketers sell them and other rainy season treats.  You see wings every where that has a street lamp so any lights, being washed up to different locations, some termites escape the eating fest and actually start their colonies, some don’t make it that far, they either drown in little puddles or something else eats them.                                           Either way it makes one of our people’s special rainy season treats . It actually contains lots of protein, and I actually prefer it when it comes feeding boys because it’s better than feeding them beans and having a fart fest.                                      Still one age old tradition that has lasted till now among others. 




Accomplish your dreamsΒ 

We all have things  that hinder us in life,things we’re scared of, things we don’t understand or know how to get  rid of them, things we think we can’t leave behind, think we have no power over them, those things that don’t let us see life the way we want it or live it the way we want it. It could be a curse, a disease, a disorder, or something in our lives that we wish to forget, something we don’t want to come back to but it’s always in front of us……in reality. All these things are part of our lives, part of our existence, but it doesn’t define you. You may have a skin condition, health issue or a few days in your life where something went wrong and the damage is permanent, leaving marks on your body and mind, something that marks your soul and your very existence.    It might cripple your stance and wreck your view of the world, of the things you know and the people you love . But none of it can define you or your perspective of life, no one has the right to define you based on these things, only you can define you. No one can make you feel down without your permission. No one can make you feel like you don’t matter unless you let them. Nothing and No one can make you feel down, not even a sickness or a disease. One of my friends loved writing, just like me and wanted to change the world with what he wrote, then he started having problems with his liver, he died a few months later……. that was in 2016 .        Before he died he had several dreams about heaven and his mother wrote it down for him, when he did die we were all devastated, after a few months his mother sent what he wrote to an editor and he put it in a magazine , I read it and what was in it really moved me and I’m sure it moved others who read it. Uchechi will always remain in the hearts of those who knew and loved him and in peace with the lord above.  

The point is that he did what he loved even though he knew he was gonna die, he kept working towards his goals and dreams, he didn’t let anyone or anything put him down and neither should you ,you should follow his example and put up a fight for your dreams and aspirations, your goals and your visions. I know a lot of people who have quit their dreams in the long run, i knew many who were determined to make their dreams come true but didn’t get there in the end, i know many who are still building their dreams and goals, who haven’t even gotten to the point where they start realizing them, but everyone out there has a dream , a goal they want to achieve , a vision they want to see actualized……..and they can and they will, to you who is reading this, the dreams you have can and will be actualized, will be accomplished and will drive you to do more and be an inspiration to others. 
If you have a dream, a wish, a goal, a heart’s desire, then you will accomplish it, no matter, your size or condition, no matter what others say about or think about you and who the heck cares , you can realize any dream you have, if you have the determination, the zeal and the passion to do it, no one or anything should put you down, you have a plan for the future, for tomorrow go ahead and do it, start today to accomplish those dreams and break any wall that stands in your way, in your life and breakthrough. 

You are yourself and no one needs to put you down or try to change you to what they want. Be you in your life, help others and encourage them and they in turn might do the same for you, just believe in yourself and in God (i might not know your religion but you’re free to believe who you wanna believe in, it’s your choice and right) believe that with every setback, there will be a better tomorrow, as long as you live life and live the life you love…then you’re okay. 

With lots of love.                                                  Chelsea πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’ŸπŸ’–πŸ’ŸπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ˜Š

PS to anyone who reads this please please help get word around about my blog, systems having some problems. Thanks.    Love Chelsea πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ˜š